JACK Quartet & Ekmeles: Music of the North
December 12, 2016

How does climate affect music? As global temperatures continue to rise, Music Mondays presents music from — and inspired by — the cultures and landscapes of Northern climates. The JACK Quartet, widely considered the “superheroes of the new music world” (Boston Globe), joins with the vocal ensemble Ekmeles ("brilliant," New Yorker) for a program of music by Finnish, Swedish, Icelandic, Canadian, and American composers, both past and present.



A third of all door donations will be given to the National Resources Defense Council, which fights global warming.



Jean Sibelius — Selected songs for soprano and piano

John Luther Adams — Canticles of the Sky

Kaija Saariaho — From the Grammar of Dreams

Anna Thorvaldsdoittr — Hvolf

Marc Sabat — Jean-Philippe Rameau

Karin Rehnkvist - Davids Nimm




Watch & Listen

Hear the JACK Quartet perform part of The Wind in High Places by John Luther Adams:


Reserve Seats

Most of our 300 seats are for those who just show up - but as a courtesy to our friends who work late, we've set aside 100 advance reservations for general admission. All other seats are 'first come, first served' and are available as early as 6:45 pm, when the doors open. Note that reservations are good for entrance only, not for specific seats. Reservations are void after 7:20pm.

If reservations are gone, don't worry - just show up! It is rare for Music Mondays to turn anyone away.

PATRONS and SUSTAINERS who have given $500 or more in the last year, and LEADERS and SPONSORS who have given $1500 or more in the last year may reserve two or four reserved seats respectively, in advance of the performances. Email info@musicmondays.org to reserve seats. To donate, click here.