ECCO (photo: Jonas Powell)

ECCO: Chaconne

April 15, 2019



The conductor-less orchestra brings its luminous sound and high-energy enthusiasm back to Music Mondays. Their cleverly designed program draws together chaconne dances from across the centuries — from Bach’s touchstone violin Chaconne (arr. Michi Wiancko) to Purcell’s and other Renaissance works, to Britten’s and a recent work by Gabriela Lena Frank inspired by Andean folk dances. ECCO perfectly balances “the transparency and coherence of a string quartet with an orchestra’s warmth and heft” (New York Times).



J. S. Bach — Chaconne, BWV (arr. Michi Wiancko)
Purcell — Chacony for Strings in G minor (arr. Benjamin Britten)
Britten — Chacony from String Quartet No. 2
Gabriela Lena Frank — Leyendas, an Andean Walkabout
Selected Renaissance works (arr. Maureen Nelson)


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ECCO performs “La Folia” Variations and Shostakovich Chamber Symphony


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