yMusic & Gabriel Kahane
January 8, 2018

yMusic: Rob Moose, violin / Nadia Sirota, viola / Gabriel Cabezas, cello / Alex Sopp, flutes / CJ Camerieri, trumpet / Hideaki Aomori, clarinet
Gabriel Kahane, vocals, piano, and guitar


The genre-bending ensemble yMusic—“at the forefront of a rapidly changing performance culture” (New York Times)—joins with composer-songwriter Gabriel Kahane ("needs to be heard" - NPR) for a performance of their latest projects, both separately and together. yMusic performs new works by Gabriella Smith, Robert Sirota and Gabriel Kahane, along with music by Andrew Norman and Timo Andres; Kahane performs original songs, including several together with (and selected by) yMusic. Hear how Kahane has combined "art-song and pop-ballad conventions into something new and entrancing" (New York Times).



Andrew Norman — Music in Circles

Timo Andres — Safe Travels

Gabriella Smith - Maré 

Robert Sirota - Epimetheus

Paul Simon, arr. Gabriel Kahane - Train in the Distance

Original works by Gabriel Kahane, including selections from Craigslistlieder and From the Union Dead


Watch & Listen

yMusic performs Music in Circles by Andrew Norman:


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